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Ephesians 1 : 15 - 16

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

egg free - dairy free Fruit Slice

Two days ago I received a new cookbook in the mail.  ONE BOWL ALLERGY FREE BAKING.  The idea of cooking in one bowl is my style.  Because I was SO excited I jumped straight in ...

I struck the jackpot on my 1st go ...

Fruit slice that has only basic simple ingredients and is easy to make... and cheap.

The only trick is do not over bake it because it gets dry and tough

And don’t be surprised as the batter is runny but it works

I liked this recipe so much I ate the first batch so fast I had to bake a second batch the next day ( I know I should not confess this out loud)

It is not overly sweet … and it takes all of five minutes to make … and tastes great

So thanks Linda because this book is now my new best friend.

P.S.  This book has all my childhood favorites 
(that i thought with my diary/egg allergy I would never eat again) 
melting momments
lemon slice
cherry ripe slice
chocolate caramel slice

Definitely worth putting on the Christmas list if you know any allergy families or anyone who wants to eat good basic ingredients.

This is a book your family will keep and use everyday.

Linda is a genius and I cannot speak highly enough about this book ... this weekend I am trying choc caramel slice.

Be blessed and be a blessing



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  1. cool post. yay for you & your tummy and kiddie memories....
    luv ya