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" That is why since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all God's people, I have not stopped giving thanks to God for you. I always remember you in my prayers ..."

Ephesians 1 : 15 - 16

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lakshmi Pratury on letter-writing

Hello everyone ...

I am a big fan of sending a handwritten card ... and the possibility of a resurgence in handwriting does excite me ... the personal touch of caring words and seeing someones personality on paper ... so when I saw this Ted Talk, I was  ... Yes Yes Yes!

Lakshmi talking about leaving a legacy of handwritten letters and journals ... precious memories.

What a great idea ... something for your family and friends to cherish.

My grandmother sent me a letter many years ago ... talking about her life and her grief over my husband dying, it was an amazing gift of insight into her personality and was the first time I actually saw her as a woman and not just my grandmother.  Years later when she died ... I would read the letter to remember her ... and feel her voice through the pages.  She was a big influence on my life.  I am very thankful for that letter.

Don't waste any time ... start building relationships while you are still alive ... send a handwritten letter.

Be a blessing



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